Saturday, April 11, 2015

Where I've Been, My Blogging Hiatus

I'd like to say I've been off traveling or doing creative wonderful DIY projects around my house. But I haven't. I'd like to say I've been focusing all my time on potty training or sleep training my almost 1 year old...again. But I haven't. Nope, I've been spending any free minute to binge watch Scandal. I jumped on the Olivia Pope bandwagon shortly after the holidays and I was immediately hooked. I would sacrifice sleep to watch just one more episode on Netflix. When I got caught up to the current season, I paid my $1.99 per episode on Amazon Prime and now I'm caught up and look forward to my weekly Scandal fix. 

I'm a sucker for any political drama, but with Scandal I get so much more. The chemistry between Olivia and Fitz is addicting and then there's Scott Foley. Need I say more? It's like a I'm a teenage girl again watching Felicity

So yes, the past 3 months have been filled with lots of TV watching. Isnt' that what MN winters are for? We've also been keeping busy as a family with a trip to Florida in early March, both kids are in ECFE, church activities, and a 2 week stint of flu/cold that got the entire family. Now with spring upon us and my binge watching addiction in the past, I'm ready for days spent outside, bedtimes pushed back and the simplicity that warmer weather brings.

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