Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Resolution, Goal, Hope, and Dream for 2014

I can’t believe we’re almost a full month into 2014 already.  This year I wanted to make resolutions that were meaningful and would truly make it a great year.  In the past, my resolutions always seemed to revolve around losing weight or exercising every day.  They also were usually forgotten by the end of January.  After much thought, I've finally come up with what I really want out of 2014 and broke it down into four categories; a resolution, a goal, a hope and a dream.

My Resolution:  My resolution for 2014 is to stop living in the future.  I find myself too often thinking "When": "When we have a bigger house...", "When we have more money...", "When I lose some weight..."  2014 is all about focusing on the present, living in the moment, and being genuienly grateful.  Because I do have a lot to be greateful for.  And who knows if  we ever will have a bigger house or make more money or if the weight will ever be lost.  So why live in the uncertainty of the future when the present is pretty great?

My Goal: 2014 is the year Mike and I become adults when it comes to getting our affairs in order.  We'll soon be parents to two children and we don't even have a will.  We owe it to our kids to have everything in order for the worst case scenario.  It's not a fun topic to think about but it's a part of life and it's the adult thing to do.

My Hope:  I hope for the contiuned health of my family.  Especially with Baby 2 coming in April.  I'm hoping my scheduled c-section is exactly that, I check in, get prepped, have the surgery, and soon after am holding a healthy baby.  

My Dream: We're in the midst of remodeling our basement right now.  My dream in 2014 is that Mike continues his reodeling projects and tackeles the kitchen this fall.  He hasn't said, "In your dreams." to me yet, so this dream may just become a reality.

Here's to a happy, healthy, and greateful 2014!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Tale of Two Pregnancies

Just as all babies are different, I'm learning so are pregnancies.  The first trimester was very similar...exhaustion.  I have never been so tired in my life during the early weeks of both pregnancies. Thankfully, I had no major morning sickness with either pregnancy, just a little nausea here and there.

The differences began as I entered the 2nd trimester.  I started to feel Baby 2 move a lot sooner than I did E, probably because I knew what it felt like already.  But Baby 2 is a lot more active.  I feel like he or she is constantly doing flips.  If this is any indication of what's to come, we're in for a treat!  Baby 2 must be sitting right on my bladder, I pee way more than I did with E.  In fact there's times when he or she kicks and I'm afraid I'm going to pee my pants.

Heartburn, oh the heartburn.  I normally like spicy food and don't have issues with heartburn.  With E I craved spice and could handle it.  Now the mildest of salsas or pepperoni pizza cause me to reach for the Mylanta.  Spice wasn't the only thing I craved with E, glazed doughnuts and coleslaw were my go to foods. I would stop every Friday morning on my way to work for a glazed doughnut.  I haven't had many cravings with this pregnancy.  My one craving with Baby 2 is beer and wine.  I didn't miss the adult beverages with E, but this time around I find myself smelling Mike's beer and ogling over wine lists at restaurants. I know a small glass of wine now and then isn't the worst thing for pregnancy, but I'm playing it cautions and resisting. Only 3 more months to go and that Sam Adams summer pack will be mine.

I'm much more hormonal with Baby 2.  My mom even commented on how sensitive I am to everything.  I'm usually not a big crier but I find myself crying at commercials, TV shows, and I don't dare look at baby pictures of E for fear the water works will come on.  A few months ago, I was watching the movie Bridesmaids and I found myself crying through nearly the entire movie.  Was Bridesmaids meant to be a drama?  In my defense, there is some pretty deep friendship issues in the movie, it's not all raunchy comedy.

Now to the bump.  I thought I had a cute baby belly with E all the way to the end.  Baby 2, not so much. It's more like a lump, several lumps to be exact.  It's my second pregnancy and things are already stretched and let's face it, I didn't lose much of the baby weight from the first time.  So instead of a cute tight bump, I have squishy lumps.  I'm very thankful for leggings and that I can wear jeans and fleece pullovers to work.

With this pregnancy, I find myself overall feeling better.  At 6 months in with E, I was having trouble sleeping, bending, and just felt uncomfortable.  Thankfully, I've been feeling great with this pregnancy. I'm sure lugging a 30 lb toddler around has helped my body feel better this far along.  It's certainly not due to time spent at the gym.

In the next few weeks, I'll enter my third trimester and it's finally starting to feel real to me.  With E, I was reading everything I could to prepare for pregnancy, birth, and bringing home a newborn.  I had weekly emails updating me on what was going on in the womb and Mike and I took several classes.  With the second pregnancy, I find myself losing track of how far a long I am.  But with only 3 months to go, it's game time.  These next few months will be a whirlwind of getting ready for Baby 2.

Friday, January 24, 2014

A Week of Birthdays

This week was filled with birthday celebrations.  Mike's birthday was on the 22nd and my mom's birthday is today, the 24th.  I wanted to make sure we did something special to celebrate each birthday.

Mike began his birthday by sleeping in until 8, which is a huge treat in our house.  E and I made him pancakes and sausage for breakfast and then we spent the day at the Children's Museum.  We went to the Children's Museum last year for Mike's birthday and we thought it would be a fun family tradition continue.   There was hardly anyone there so we were able to enjoy all the exhibits without dealing with crowds; there are a few positive things with my weekend work schedule.

Displaying IMG_20140122_152533_109.jpg
           Having fun at the water tables.    
Displaying IMG_20140122_151828_843.jpg
Operating the crane
Displaying IMG_20140122_133543_156.jpg
Art Project: putting tissue paper in the giant
chicken wire fish.
That night, Mike and I tried a new restaurant for dinner, Red Cow.  It's fairly new and has become known for their gourmet burgers and wine on tap.  I of course didn't enjoy the tap wine but it's always fun to look at the list and plan for a post Baby 2 visit.  We both loved our meal, the service was great, and it's a fun atmosphere.  We'll definitely go back.  Thanks to Auntie Andrea for babysitting E!

Happy Birthday my love!

Mike's birthday celebration continues as he heads up north for some ice fishing this weekend.  It doesn't sound like my type of fun, especially when temperatures are in the single digits or below 0, but he seems to enjoy it.

While Mike is away, my mom or "Gammy" as E calls her, is up for the weekend.  We celebrated Gammy's birthday with a stop at Caribou, pedicures, and a nice relaxing lunch. It was nice to have some Mom/Daughter time and she's ALWAYS taking me to lunch or shopping so I wanted to take her out on her special day.

Fresh pedicures! 
It's been a fun week of celebrating and I hope my loved ones enjoyed their birthdays!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kidless Days

It's too quiet, it's too clean, and I have too much free time.  We've been without E for 4 days now and it's starting to get weird.  It all started last weekend when the flu infested our house.  First me, then E, then Mike.  And of course Mike got it when I had to work.  I had already missed a week of work when I had the flu and I couldn't miss more.  Thankfully, my mom and dad were able to take E for the weekend while Mike recovered and I worked.  We were supposed to drive down to their house today so we could finally see E and spend the rest of the week with my parents but the lovely winter weather stopped us.  We will leave first thing in the morning because I'm ready to see my little E's face!

As much as I miss E, I do admitt that today was nice.  Once we made the decision not to drive to Iowa, Mike and I made the most of our kidless day.  We had a mini Breaking Bad marathon, took naps, and went out for a leisure dinner.  Usually when we go out to eat we hurry because who knows how long E will stay put.  It was nice for a change to just relax and take our time as we ate our meal.

But, Mike and I are both ready to put the kidless days behind us and have our little family back together. I'm like a kid on Christmas, I can't sleep because I'm too excited for morning to come.