Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Resolution, Goal, Hope, and Dream for 2014

I can’t believe we’re almost a full month into 2014 already.  This year I wanted to make resolutions that were meaningful and would truly make it a great year.  In the past, my resolutions always seemed to revolve around losing weight or exercising every day.  They also were usually forgotten by the end of January.  After much thought, I've finally come up with what I really want out of 2014 and broke it down into four categories; a resolution, a goal, a hope and a dream.

My Resolution:  My resolution for 2014 is to stop living in the future.  I find myself too often thinking "When": "When we have a bigger house...", "When we have more money...", "When I lose some weight..."  2014 is all about focusing on the present, living in the moment, and being genuienly grateful.  Because I do have a lot to be greateful for.  And who knows if  we ever will have a bigger house or make more money or if the weight will ever be lost.  So why live in the uncertainty of the future when the present is pretty great?

My Goal: 2014 is the year Mike and I become adults when it comes to getting our affairs in order.  We'll soon be parents to two children and we don't even have a will.  We owe it to our kids to have everything in order for the worst case scenario.  It's not a fun topic to think about but it's a part of life and it's the adult thing to do.

My Hope:  I hope for the contiuned health of my family.  Especially with Baby 2 coming in April.  I'm hoping my scheduled c-section is exactly that, I check in, get prepped, have the surgery, and soon after am holding a healthy baby.  

My Dream: We're in the midst of remodeling our basement right now.  My dream in 2014 is that Mike continues his reodeling projects and tackeles the kitchen this fall.  He hasn't said, "In your dreams." to me yet, so this dream may just become a reality.

Here's to a happy, healthy, and greateful 2014!

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