Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cora at 6 Months

Today Cora turned 6 months old. That's half a year which means I'm that much closer to not having a baby but a 1 year old. A 1 year old!  I felt my pregnancy with Cora took forever and now I'm packing up totes of baby girl clothes that no longer fit, swings that her feet hang off of, and looking at buying a bigger car seat.

This girl never ceases to amaze me. She has a huge curiosity for her world. Grabbing, touching, looking, and tasting everything she can. It's like each day she wakes up hungry to learn more. Cora makes her presence known in our family, she wants to be involved in everything we do. If we're eating, she watches with her big blue eyes and wants to eat too. For that reason, I started her on baby food shortly after she turned 4 months and there's no turning back. She gobbles up everything, except for carrots, those mostly get spit back at Mom.

I love that she has already developed a love of books. If anyone has a book or magazine, she wants it too. And when we read E stories, she listens just as intently. If we're watching TV, she watches too (so much for no screen time). She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse just like her brother.

Cora seems to be growing up faster than E. Maybe it's because she has an older brother and we're doing more kid things and not all baby things. With E, it was all age relevant activities where Cora is experiencing so much more at her age than E ever did. This is good, but I want to her to still be my baby so I make sure I get plenty of cuddles in the rocking chair.

Cora has her 6 month check up next week and I'm curious to know her stats. Here's what else Cora is up to at 6 months:

  • Wears size 2 diapers, size 3 at nights.
  • Wears mostly 9 month clothes. A few 6 month still fit and buying pretty much 12 month stuff now.
  • Has the best giggle I've ever heard and her brother makes her laugh the most. 
  • Goes to bed 8/8:30, dream feed 10/10:30 and sleeps until 6/7 in the morning.
  • Can sit up almost on her own.
  • Rolls from back to tummy but that's about it.
  • When she's on her tummy, can spin and scoot some.
  • Eats solids for lunch and dinner. Has tried, peas, green beans, chicken, squash, sweet potato, pears, bananas, and carrots. 
  • Started playing around with a sippy cup, doesn't quite know what it's for yet.
  • Weighs 16.8lbs and 26 inches long.
Happy 6 Months Cora Girl! I love you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes!

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