Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Quest for the Perfect Christmas Card Picture

This year I was determined to have a great Christmas card picture.  We've had decent ones in the past but nothing very special.  It’s pretty much the same picture every year, Mike and I in front of our Christmas tree. We did the same pose last year for E’s first Christmas.  I wanted something different this year, something fun!  I turned to Pinterest for inspiration and it did not disappoint.  I found some great ideas and was excited for a fresh take on the Gesellchen Christmas card.  Of course Mike could care less.  When I asked him his thoughts, he was fine posing in front of the Christmas tree…again.  I ignored him and continued on with my vision.  My creative, crafty mother would be needed because as much as I strive to be a crafter, the patience just isn't there.

My vision for our Christmas card picture was to be outside by a pine tree in my parents' yard.  The three of us would hold up letters spelling out JOY.  I attempted to help my mom cut out the letters and cover in paper but it was just easier to have her do it, again, no patience.  Unfortunately, picture day turned out to be rainy and I was feeling defeated that my Christmas card vision was not going to happen.  I turned to Pinterest for plan B and found some indoor ideas, but once again we’d be posing in front of the Christmas tree. 

I wasn't thrilled with these pictures but I would make them work if the weather didn't cooperate with my outdoor vision. 




The next day was cold but there was a beautiful dusting of snow on the ground.  Perfect for my original outdoor vision!  Mom finished the letters and my dad helped with the staging (I wanted more snow on the tree).  


Lavar, the barn cat decided to join the fun too.  We couldn't get him to leave so he ended up in all of our photos. 



The Christmas card picture turned out to be quite the event but I’m happy with how they turned out so it was well worth it..random barn cat and all.   

Friday, December 6, 2013

E's 18 Month Checkup and a Peak at Baby 2

This week, E had his 18 month checkup.  My little big boy weighed in at 29.6lbs and was 34 inches tall.  90th percentile for each.  This was one of the better appointments.  E usually screams the entire time but he was brave when the Dr. was checking him over, just a few "No's!"  We did have screams and tears when he got two shots but I would be screaming too if someone held me down and shoved a needle in my leg.

E still likes his bottle and the Dr. strongly suggested we work on getting rid of it.  I admitt it, the bottle is totally a comfort thing for E so this may be an uphill battle.  He's so content after his bottle and I love the snuggle time.  But, it probably is time.  My goal is to have E bottle free by the time Baby 2 arrives.  We have about 5 months to work on that.

We got a peak at Baby 2 this week as well.  I had my 20 week ultrasound where they take all the measurements and make sure all the organs are in the right place.  Baby 2 looked good and we did not find out the gender.  I was tempted, but Mike wants his moment during the delivery to announce boy or girl.  I think we're having a boy.  Ever since E was born, I knew I wanted more kids and I just pictured myself with boys.  Rowdy, stinky boys running through my house, I feel I'm a "Boy Mom."  Only time will tell and as long as Baby 2 is healthy, boy or girl really doesn't matter.