Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Note from the Paternal Side - Outside Parenting

Summer is coming which means outdoor parenting is back! Behind are the fifteen hour days of four walls growing smaller with each passing minute as mother nature keeps us captive with her cold wrath.

The nagging thoughts of trying to be a good parent while keeping Evan stimulated and engaged seem to fall away like the many layers of clothing we put on just to go outside.

Gone are the feelings of guilt by saying, “OK, just one more Mick Mouse. (Mickey Mouse)”

This summer Evan will be running; and that means exploring. Parks, trail, and all things outside. Then, there’s the holy grail of Evan’s toy kingdom. Trucks and sand. Monks who have taken a vow of silence couldn't mimic the intense focus Evan has when he’s digging in his sandbox. Hours pass like lighting. A balance is restored. Evan gets exercise, vitamin D, and most importantly sleep.  

Yes, this summer I imagine there will still be times when every couch cushion and pillow will be on the floor and oatmeal will be flung throughout the house, but when all the forts have been built and all the caves explored, I’ll say, “Evan, let’s go outside.” He’ll stop what he is doing, his eyes will light up, and with a smile say “side.”

The world has opened up.

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