Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm a Girl Mom

A while ago I wrote about being a Boy Mom and how much I enjoy having a little boy. Read about that here. Well I do love having a little boy, but now that I have Cora, I know I was meant to be a Girl Mom too. Even though I was certain I would have two little boys, as soon as I met Cora, I just knew I was destined to have her.

When E was little, I loved dressing him and planned his outfits out days ahead of time. I loved the little polos and kahki shorts. Now I'm lucky if I can get clothes on him and when I do, it's t-shirts and sweats. With Cora, I'm in a whole new world. There's so much more of a selction of girl clothes and I must admit, I immediately fell in love with it all. How could I not? Little leggings, headbands and tiny shoes. And the dresses, oh the little dresses. She's not even a month old and she already has a dresser full of pink.

As Cora grows older, I can't help but envision us going shopping, getting pedicures and doing other "girly" things. I'm still not looking forward to playing Barbies and maybe I'll get lucky and she won't be into Barbies. She may take after her brother and want to play trucks all. day. long. Or maybe she'll be into something completely different and whatever that is I'm sure I'll learn to love it too. I'm just so happy that I get the best of both worlds, being a Boy Mom and a Girl Mom.

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