Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Feeling Frumpy

I almost titled this post, Letting Myself Go. After thinking it over, I don't think I've necessarily let myself go. I always look presentable, but at some point during this past year, I became frumpy. I had this realization when Mike and I went out for our anniversary. I wore jeans and a t-shirt. A nice t-shirt, but still, it was a t-shirt. I swiped on some mascara and lipgloss, threw on my flip flops and was ready to go. It's not like we were going to a fancy restaurant but it was a nice one and it was a special occasion. I should have put in more effort.

I've never been all that into fashion or makeup. But I've always liked shopping for clothes and wearing my new outfits. Each season I would refresh my makeup and no shopping trip was complete without stopping at Ulta. I considered my style "classy casual." So when did I go from "classy casual" to frumpy?

I suppose it started earlier this year around my third trimester with Cora. I was exhausted and hormonal and we had about 100 feet of snow on the ground so we weren't socializing much. There was no need for me to put effort into my look. It doesn't help that I work overnights in a warehouse. There's no need for much effort there either.

When getting ready for work, I slowly started wearing less and less makeup. I was just wearing powder, mascara and occasionally some lip gloss if it was in my bag. Soon it was just the mascara, then no make up at all. Wearing no makeup made it much easier getting ready for bed when I got home at 6am. I didn't have to wash my face, one less step before I could sleep! My work wardrobe matched my makeup routine, it consisted of jeans, fleece and an old pair of Nikes.

Currently my wardrobe is an Old Navy t-shirt (love the v neck vintage ones) with shorts or some sort of yoga pant. I love a good yoga pant, especially the capri style. I don't actualy do much yoga in them but I love to wear them. Again, my social life is on the back burner after just having a baby. However, now that its summertime, there are BBQs, weddings and happy hours on patios. It's time to free myself from feeling frumpy and get back to "classy casual!"

My standard outfit.

This has been a little more difficult than I thought. It takes time to get oneself put together. Tack on a newborn, toddler, and a husband who needs help picking out clothes and it's almost impossible to get out the door on time. By the time we're out the door, I already am sweaty and looking dishelved. It's a lot of work to get ready!

I'm slowly learning tricks that are helping me get some style back as I head out and about this summer. Feeling less frumpy means having a game plan for getting ready, tinted moisturizer, and a lipgloss always within reach.

Feeling non frumpy. 

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