Friday, May 9, 2014

The Friday Five

Here's what I'm loving this week...

1. The Mindy Project Season Finale
My favorite show on TV right now and the season finale was great. I can't wait for season three to start. I may have to read Mindy Kaling's book again to get my Mindy fix over the summer.

2. First Days of a Family of Four 
On Sunday, all the grandparents left and it was just us four. It was nice having the extra help to cook, do laundry, and help with the kids but Mike and I are managing just fine on our own. Sure, the laundry has piled up a bit and we had mac and cheese with hot dogs for dinner one night but we both agree this time it seems easier than when we first had E. Probably because we're more confident in our parenting skills and we have realistic expectations of what having a newborn is like.

I have to be completely honest here, the grandparents are back already for Mother's Day so we've only gone three days without extra help :)

3. E is Back at the Parks
E has been hitting up the local parks a lot this week and he's a lot more adventurous this year. He goes down the big slides all by himself and he's so proud. When he gets to the bottom of the slide, he'll shout "Hooray!" or "Evan did it!"

He's also  is interacting more with other kids. He and another little girl were chasing each other the other day. Older kids interact with him too. They lift him up on the playground equipment or hold his hand to cross the bouncy bridge which still intimidates E.

4. Daddy's Helper 
I've mentioned before how E is a Daddy's boy. Whatever Mike is doing, E wants to do too. This week E helped Mike work on the car and he's already learning to take out the garbage. I just hope when we start implementing household chores, E is still eager to help out.

5. Cora's First Target Trip
Cora took her first trip of many to Target this week. She slept the entire time but I know she loved it. I'm the type of shopper that goes to Target for five things and somehow comes out $100 later with a cart full of stuff I "had" to have. I'm excited to teach Cora the "Target shopping experience," start with a Starbucks, only shopping the clearance racks and finishing with groceries. I foresee us being a dangerous duo when it comes to shopping.


  1. I really love this new Friday post tradition:-)

  2. Thanks Carrie. I'll love looking back at these when I have to go back to work. I hope you enjoy your leave as much as I am. It's the best!