Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Having a Little Boy

 I don’t have a daughter, and if I did, I absolutely would love her just like I love E. But I believe I was meant to have a little boy.  I love that I can just buy t-shirts, shorts, a few polos and he’s good to go.  I don’t want to deal with dresses and leggings and all the accessories.  I love the fact that he’s always just a little bit dirty, whether it’s food in his hair or dirt under his finger nails.  E is definitely all Boy!  I feel relieved that I won’t have to play Barbies or dress up.  I’d much rather play Legos or trucks.  I know I’m succumbing to stereotypical gender roles as I think of my child.  But it’s hard not to and honestly, I want to.  I love having a little boy so I can do those “boy” things.  I know I could play trucks with a little girl, but I just don’t think it would be the same.  If Mike and I have more children and we happen to have a little girl, I know I will enjoy that too.  I will gladly embrace the pink outfits, bows, and nail polish.  I’ll even play Barbies, but for now, I love having a dirty, mischievous little boy.

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