Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Note from the Paternal Side - Sometimes a Man Just Needs a Paci

My favorite affirmation for Evan is “Sometimes a Man Just Needs a Paci.” I don’t remember being 11 months old, but I am reliving the epic experience now...daring to place myself in his gigantic shoes.  
You work hard everyday in your play and exploration.  You are starting to figure a few things out.  Objects that are solid can be held on to.  Wait...what if they sprout hinges?  What the heck are hinges!?!?  You hang on for dear life as the once solid gate swings you around.  
Day after day, week after week, you relentlessly pull yourself towards the divine dog food dish.  Unimaginable treasures lie inside...waiting for your discovery.  Lurking overhead, a hyper vigilant parent swoops out of the sky like a vulture to defend the forbidden object, placing it just beyond reach.
You are beginning to understand words but do not yet possess the gift of expression.  You see a parent cutting up blueberries and are overcome with the unregulated passion that only blueberries can bring you.  Your only option is to cry with anticipation while simultaneously feeling the frustration that comes with not being able to say “keep’em coming!!!” when the inert parent doesn't cut them fast enough.
Movement is slow but gaining momentum. You stumble and tumble along and you know you have to keep going.  The falls will come, but on a good day they don't hurt too bad.  
Evan is coping with his new world the best he can.  It can be difficult at times but well worth his heroic efforts.  When the tears come, I pick him up and say, “Sometimes a Man Just Needs a Paci.”  

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