Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Funday

Happy Monday Funday!  We had a rainy weekend but it didn't stop us from having some fun.  I started my weekend off with an hour long massage.  Mike had booked it for me as my Mother’s Day gift.  It was amazing.  Mike went fishing Saturday afternoon so E and I hung out.  We went for long walk and played in the sandbox.  It had rained in the morning and the sand was pretty wet.  Lesson learned, wet sand and little boys do not go well together.  In the bath he went. Saturday also marked E’s first haircut.  He was getting a little shaggy and  I've been putting it off.  For some reason the thought of cutting the hair he was born with made me sad.  But I did it and he looks so handsome now.

Yes, I cut his hair during snack.
I thought it would be easier.
He was proud and combed
 his own hair.

Saturday night my sister-in-law came over to watch E so Mike and I could go out for dinner and celebrate our anniversary.  It’s really not until May 22nd but we celebrated early.  I wish I would have taken a pic of us all dressed up.  Ok, we weren't really all that dressed up but I was in something other than khaki shorts and a t-shirt and Mike was wearing a polo.  That’s dressed up for this couple!  Anyway, we had a nice dinner at Hell’s Kitchen and then we walked around downtown and stopped at the Newsroom for a drink on their patio.  It was a gorgeous night and Mike and I enjoyed our date

We were supposed to have family pictures taken Sunday morning but we rescheduled because of the rain.  It actual turned out to be a pretty nice afternoon so we headed to a park.  My Monday Funday was cut short when I got a text from work on Sunday night that coverage was needed for Monday.  I said I could cover the 2nd half so I worked 11:30am-6pm.  I know I’ll need someone to cover for me some day so I wanted to take my turn. 

Overall, a pretty good weekend!

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