Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Funday

This weekend marked my first Mother's Day as a Momma.  I did celebrate last year because I was 8 months pregnant and a mother to be. This year was special because I actually felt like a Momma and E was really here.  I had to work all day on Saturday so it was a short weekend for me but I still had a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend!

I got the sweetest cards from both E and Mike and Mike booked a massage for me next Saturday.  Looking forward to that!  My boys also know me well, this was included with my cards...
What Mom doesn't want a bottle of wine for
Mother's Day?
Mike worked on E's sandbox the rest of Sunday while E and I took a nap.  The sandbox is almost done, the only thing missing is the sand.  In the meantime E is content to play with the dirt on the outside.  In the afternoon I planted flowers in the front of our house.  I bought the flowers about a week ago with good intentions of planting them sooner.  Well, you know how that goes.  Some of the flowers are dying but I think a good watering will bring them back to life.  

Mike grilled steak kabobs for Mother's Day dinner.  They were perfect!  Then we made a trip to DQ for dessert.  All in all, a great first Mother's Day!

Today we had out last day of school for E.  Thank goodness!  I've mentioned I don't enjoy going, too many kids and too many parents talking about how advanced their child is and one-upping the next parent.  "Can your child really be advanced when they're under a year?"  That's what I want to say during the group discussion, but I don't.  E does seems to enjoy class and we have met a few nice people.  We have a 2 week break before the summer session starts which against my protests, we will be attending.  The things we do for our children!

This week I'm trying 4 new recipes from Pinterest.  I'll post a recap later in the week.  Here are some pics from the weekend...
Sandbox in place complete with toys, minus the sand.

Lack of sand did not discourage E.
My grilled Mother's Day Dinner.

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