Friday, January 24, 2014

A Week of Birthdays

This week was filled with birthday celebrations.  Mike's birthday was on the 22nd and my mom's birthday is today, the 24th.  I wanted to make sure we did something special to celebrate each birthday.

Mike began his birthday by sleeping in until 8, which is a huge treat in our house.  E and I made him pancakes and sausage for breakfast and then we spent the day at the Children's Museum.  We went to the Children's Museum last year for Mike's birthday and we thought it would be a fun family tradition continue.   There was hardly anyone there so we were able to enjoy all the exhibits without dealing with crowds; there are a few positive things with my weekend work schedule.

Displaying IMG_20140122_152533_109.jpg
           Having fun at the water tables.    
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Operating the crane
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Art Project: putting tissue paper in the giant
chicken wire fish.
That night, Mike and I tried a new restaurant for dinner, Red Cow.  It's fairly new and has become known for their gourmet burgers and wine on tap.  I of course didn't enjoy the tap wine but it's always fun to look at the list and plan for a post Baby 2 visit.  We both loved our meal, the service was great, and it's a fun atmosphere.  We'll definitely go back.  Thanks to Auntie Andrea for babysitting E!

Happy Birthday my love!

Mike's birthday celebration continues as he heads up north for some ice fishing this weekend.  It doesn't sound like my type of fun, especially when temperatures are in the single digits or below 0, but he seems to enjoy it.

While Mike is away, my mom or "Gammy" as E calls her, is up for the weekend.  We celebrated Gammy's birthday with a stop at Caribou, pedicures, and a nice relaxing lunch. It was nice to have some Mom/Daughter time and she's ALWAYS taking me to lunch or shopping so I wanted to take her out on her special day.

Fresh pedicures! 
It's been a fun week of celebrating and I hope my loved ones enjoyed their birthdays!

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