Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kidless Days

It's too quiet, it's too clean, and I have too much free time.  We've been without E for 4 days now and it's starting to get weird.  It all started last weekend when the flu infested our house.  First me, then E, then Mike.  And of course Mike got it when I had to work.  I had already missed a week of work when I had the flu and I couldn't miss more.  Thankfully, my mom and dad were able to take E for the weekend while Mike recovered and I worked.  We were supposed to drive down to their house today so we could finally see E and spend the rest of the week with my parents but the lovely winter weather stopped us.  We will leave first thing in the morning because I'm ready to see my little E's face!

As much as I miss E, I do admitt that today was nice.  Once we made the decision not to drive to Iowa, Mike and I made the most of our kidless day.  We had a mini Breaking Bad marathon, took naps, and went out for a leisure dinner.  Usually when we go out to eat we hurry because who knows how long E will stay put.  It was nice for a change to just relax and take our time as we ate our meal.

But, Mike and I are both ready to put the kidless days behind us and have our little family back together. I'm like a kid on Christmas, I can't sleep because I'm too excited for morning to come.

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