Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Adventures from the Paternal Side

This post comes from the perspective of an At Home Dad (AHD)...and the joys that go along with having that title.  Being an AHD is a very rewarding experience and one filled with many adventures.  E, or Evie as I prefer to call him, and I partake in many adventures during the week. "Adventures" come in all shapes and sizes.  My favorite thing about being an AHD is that it allows me to tap into my imaginative side.  Like anything, if you don't use it you loose it.  I find myself thinking like I did when I was a child (insert joke here...haha) but this is a good thing.  My mind is constantly thinking of ways to stimulate his sense of wonder so he can continue to explore and learn new things.  I make up stories and little rhymes to sing to him throughout the day.  If he didn't know any better he would think I was crazy, but for now my secret if safe.

Our days are spent going for walks outside when the weather is nice or taking a trip to a store.  Recently, Evie and I have built forts out of pillows.  He absolutely loves to climb on couch cushions and fall onto pillows.

Our adventures can be grand, such as a trip to Edinburough Park.

Or, adventures can be simple such as hiding under a blanket and popping up with a Peak-a-Boo, which often triggers a squeal of laughter.  It's the simple adventures that are my favorites:-)


  1. Mike is the best daddy a boy could have! And he is a little bit crazy.

  2. My Mike also loved this post! And I do believe that is the first genuine smile I've seen E make in a photograph. Can't wait to see him next week!