Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Funday - Easter Edition

This weekend we headed out of town to celebrate Easter with Mike's family.  We didn't have any packing done ahead of time so Friday after work we had to pack and load the car.  It's amazing how much stuff we bring for 2 nights!  Mike's parents live about 2 hours from us and the delay actually worked in our favor, we missed rush hour traffic.  We are fortunate that both our parents live in the country so visiting is a nice reprieve from the city.

I was a little worried how E would sleep in a different environment. He's always been a good sleeper but he's cutting 2 top teeth and sleeping has been a little more difficult lately.  He did awesome!  If Mom and Dad can sleep in past 6am, I consider that a win.
Olympus Has Fallen
After Saturday brunch of homemade waffles, Mike and I headed to the nearest "big" town and to catch a movie while E stayed with G&G.  We saw Olympus Has Fallen.  It was ok, typical action movie with a predictable ending.  The cast made the movie, Morgan Freeman is good in anything he does, Dylan McDermott's eyes (enough said) and Gerard Butler is pretty nice to look at too.

Easter Sunday tradition is to eat "Bunny Bread" before we go to the late church service.  It's just regular frozen bread dough but my mother-in-law shapes it into a bunny and frosts it for Easter.  Mike's uncle, aunt, and cousin met us at church for the Easter service.  E was so good in church, he slept through about half of it and then when he woke up, he just sat contently in my lap and looked around.  I was so proud of him!  Mike's sister and brother-in-law met us all back at the house for a traditional Easter ham dinner. E had ham for the first time and he thought it was pretty good.

This Is 40 (2012) Poster
After unloading all our junk from our weekend away, Mike and I just wanted to relax and deal with everything on Monday.  We threw in a frozen pizza for dinner and bought This is 40 from Direct TV. Yes, I paid $5.99 when I could have gone to a Red Box and got if for $1.  I was being lazy!  Pretty funny movie and I'm a big Paul Rudd fan so I enjoyed it.  Mike bailed about half way through and went to bed.

I had to go into work on Monday afternoon for a meeting so Mike took E to school by himself and went grocery shopping afterwards.  In the morning we had a window company come out and give us an estimate on replacing our windows.  When the guy pulled up in his 1980's Trans Am type car, I knew this wouldn't be good.  After listening to a 45 minute sales pitch he finally got down to measuring windows and giving us a quote.  We will not be going with this company for windows.  The cloud of cigarette smoke that he brought in my house didn't help his case and I'm pretty sure he was wearing clear nail polish.  I'm trying not to surface judge, but I couldn't help it.

Monday night also started our family's month of Meatless Mondays.  More on that later this week...teaser, Week 1, not so successful.

Hope everyone had a great Easter.  Here's some pics from the weekend.
E's Easter Basket, bubbles and a hat.
And yes, that is a bruise on his face, not dirt.
Looking out at the river.

Bunny Bread

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