Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Funday - Special Edition

This is a special edition of Monday Funday because it's April 15th.  Yes, it's Tax Day! Now if you're like me, you've spent the last few days gathering all your paperwork and plugging numbers into Turbo Tax hoping that you're accurate enough not to get audited and hoping for a big enough refund to upgrade to a "Spa Pedicure" instead of the usual regular pedi.  This year was different.  We actually did our taxes early and had them done an entire week before the deadline!  I have to give my wonderful husband the credit for this, he took care of everything.

Our promptness on taxes is not why this is a special Monday.  It's actually the day to celebrate the birth of a very special and unique man.  The one and only Claude!  So in honor of his Birthday; I will blare country music from the radio, I will watch the weather all day long and at the first inkling of wind, sleet, rain, or snow call my family to alert them.  At 7:30, I will climb into my big chair, raise my can of Busch Light and toast my Dad a Happy Birthday then fall asleep to Iowa Public Television.

Happy Birthday Dad, you are loved! 

Dad and E this weekend.
Because I'm a respectful daughter,
I won't make his age public.

Dad and me on his 28th Birthday.

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