Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Funday

Family, accomplish, relax is how I would sum up our weekend.  Family is a big part of our lives so Mike and I try to spend as much time with family as possible.  We spent Saturday out at Mike's Mom and Dad's.  My mother-in-law was the MC of a style show hosted at their church.  The show featured clothes and accessories from local business modeled by people from the community (including my father-in-law!) and all proceeds went to support the local food shelves.  For a small town, I was impressed by the community support.  My mother-in-law did a great job as MC and I'm glad we were there to support her.  Mike's sister and one of her friends came to the show so it was good to have everyone there.

My mother-in-law the MC and father-in-law the model.
My father-in-law is ready to come out of retirement and head to
the runways of Paris!
Program for the Style Show.

Sunday was our accomplish day; errands, laundry and other chores around the house.  E has learned to take the child proof locks off the cupboards in the kitchen.  There are some cleaning supplies under the sink so we had to move those down to the basement.  Lets face it, they don't get used that much anyway so the basement is a good place for them.  We also cleaned out E's toys.  He's already accumulated so much stuff we decided to store what he really doesn't play with or he's outgrown. Our toy area in the living room looks so much better now.

Monday was our relax day.  I spent my morning cooking and then went to get a pedicure.  Now if it would only warm up so I can wear flip flops!

In the afternoon we had school and then came home and in honor of Earth Day, planted a tomato plant. Hopefully we have luck, I've never done a patio tomato plant before.  It will be fun to see what happens.

And just to document this day, April 22, here's what it looks like outside my house right now...I have no words...

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