Sunday, April 13, 2014


This week I had an ultrasound to check in on the baby’s growth.  Moms with a history of preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome potentially can have babies with lower birth weights.  Our Dr. wanted to make sure Baby 2 was growing in case I had to deliver earlier than the 21st.  We told the ultrasound tech right away that we didn't know the gender of the baby and we didn't want to know so make sure we didn't mistakenly see anything.  It was towards the end of the ultrasound and she was trying to get the baby’s heart rate and the tech made the comment, “HE won’t stop moving around.”  Now, I don’t know if she just said “He” and didn't mean anything by it or if she knew what the gender was and let it slip.  Mike didn't catch this comment during the ultrasound but now we’re all wondering… “Is Baby 2 a he?”  Only time will tell, 8 days to be exact, and we’ll find out! 

As far as the growth of the baby, just fine.  Estimated weight is 7lbs and 13oz. which seems huge compared to E who weighed in at a tiny 6lbs 6oz.   

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