Friday, February 21, 2014

Snow Days = Pinterest Recipes

The past two days have been snow days, Thursday was the blizzard and today was spent digging out. On top of all the snow, one of our cars won't start. Which doesn't seem like a big deal except we have a narrow driveway and park our cars behind one another. And of course the car that doesn't start is parked behind the working car. Mike spent the better part of yesterday trying to fix it, in the snow I might add. We gave up and called to get it towed. However, because of all the snow, it's going to take 6 hours before the car can get towed today. Which means we're stuck here for a while.

This is our driveway.  The snow is past my knees!

While on vacation, I did a lot of pinning so I decided to make use of my forced time at home and try some new recipes out. I tried 3 new recipes, all of them a success!

The first recipe was something to satisfy my chocolate pregnancy cravings I've been having,
Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Balls. They are super easy to make, super yummy, and on the healthy side. I'm getting my chocolate fix and some good protein all in one bite.

E helped make this recipe.


The second recipe I tried out was a quinoa dish. I haven't had quinoa in a while and when I came across this recipe I had to try it, Cheesy Greek Style Baked Quinoa.. Again, on the lighter side and full of protein and veggies. Next time I make this I will add more spinach because I love spinach and it cooks down a lot. I could cut back on the cheese if I wanted to, but did anyone ever say "Less cheese please?" This recipe was such a hit with Mike and E we ate the entire thing before I could take my after pic.

The third recipe I tried was Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt.  I made this for Mike and E as a snack this afternoon. I had a few bites and wish I would have made one for myself. This is another great recipe for the chocolate cravings without all the guilt of making a pan of brownies (which I happened to make today as well). Lots of protein from the Greek yogurt and I used mini dark chocolate chips for just the right amount of chocolate.

My boys approve!
Happy Pinning!

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