Thursday, February 20, 2014

While We Were Away

We are starting to get our house ready for the addition of Baby 2. Because our house is cozy, (I prefer cozy to small) E and his new baby brother or sister will have to share a room. I wanted to redo the room so both kids could have some individual space. My mom offered to paint the room and add a few decorative pieces while we were away in Florida. That sounded like a fantastic offer to me so I told her to have at it!  After a few phone conversations with Mom during the week we were gone, I got the impression she was doing more than just painting. My mom is a talented crafter and decorator and we have the same taste, so I completely trusted her.  

When we got home, it was like I turned my house over to HGTV for a week and got a surprise reveal. Not only did she paint the kids' room, she totally redid it and did some redecorating in our bedroom and the living room. I absolutely love what she did to our house and I'm excited for more decorating to come. I'm also more confident that my family of 4 can live comfortably in our cozy house. Thanks Mom!

E and Baby 2's Room:
This is E's side of the room, right above his bed.
Letters recovered, construction decals, and road painted.

The canvas needs to be hung but this will go right above the crib for Baby 2 on the other side of the room.
Tree decal is new and Mom made the canvas with paint and stencil.

Reading corner.
New rug and Ikea spice rack as bookshelf.  Reused the elephant picture Grandma and Grandpa G took in Africa and E's old animal decals.

Our Room:
Baby 2 will sleep in our room for a a few months so we needed to make it baby friendly.
Moved rocker into our room. New rug, curtains, and canvas tote. Bassinet to come.

Dresser will double as changing area while Baby 2 sleeps in our room.
Mom repainted our old ugly brown dresser, stenciled and added new hardware.

Living room:
Photo collage above couch.
Used frames I already had and spray painted old frames from Goodwill. New lamps and lampshades and pillow.

Love these rules hanging in our living room.
Mom made this from a canvas she painted and stencils.

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