Sunday, March 17, 2013

What Happened to My House?

I suffer from OCS, Only Child Syndrome.  It's a real thing, I've never actually researched it, but I'm pretty sure it is.  Because of my OCS, I don't handle it well when things don't go my way.  Right now, I'm struggling with the state my house is in.  E is into everything, crawls everywhere, and climbs on anything (including people so make sure you hold on to your pants, he's been known to pull them down). I've had to completely change the decor and organization of my home.  Here are a few examples...

No coffee table in front of the couch.  Now where do I put my feet up and drink my coffee?

I now have to bend over to get a towel because the cleaning supplies I had on the lower shelf had to be moved.

If  I want a snack, I need to get a running start and hurdle just to get into the kitchen.

Needless to say, my OCS has really kicked in because my house has been turned upside down.  But when I see this..

I really don't care what my house looks like after all.   

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