Sunday, June 1, 2014

E's 2nd Birthday Party

On Saturday we had family over to celebrate E's birthday. Since he's obsessed with construction equipment, I did a construction themed party. I used a lot of his toys for decorations. E was pretty good about me using his toys around the house to decorate. He was so cute and said, "Mommy decorating." He must have overheard me talking about decorating because I'm pretty sure "decorating" was not in his vocabulary before.

Being a lover of all food, the menu was key. My dad grilled BBQ pork steaks which we used to make sandwiches and he also made his famous baked beans. We had coleslaw that my mom made and I made a veggie pizza. And of course, no summer BBQ is complete without watermelon.

E's birthday cake was pretty spectacular. Mike's mom is the designated cake lady. She made our wedding cake, E's birthday cake last year, and has made other wedding cakes as well. I found a construction site cake on Pinterest that I wanted for E's birthday and she didn't disappoint. E was in love with it and all he wanted to do was drive the trucks through the cake. We eventually had to put the cake up which caused a minor melt down.

Speaking of meltdowns, E had several during his party. Lesson learned by this Mommy, plan birthday parties before nap or well after nap to avoid a crabby kid. The party was 3pm - 6pm, which in my mind would be perfect. E would be getting up from his nap by then, guests could have some drinks and snacks and then we'd eat around dinner time. Well I didn't consider that it might be overwhelming for a 2 year old to wake up and have a house full of people all waiting to say "Happy Birthday!" Which is exactly what happened. E woke up from his nap before he was ready probably due to the commotion in the house which meant he was a little touchy. He cried when we all sang Happy Birthday and also when I wouldn't let him eat cake and ice cream right away. I finally gave in let E's birthday meal consist of cake and ice cream. Once he got his sugar fix, E was in party mode. He was into opening presents this year and stopped to play with each one. We even got a few "Thank you's" out of him. After presents, he had enough of his party and was ready to go outside and play.

Because I was in meltdown prevention mode, I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted. I didn't even get a nice family picture to document the occasion. Here are the few I did get:

Construction Decorations

E's Birthday Invite

Driving trucks in the cake.

E's construction cake.

Good enough family picture.

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