Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Husband the Father

When my relationship with Mike began to get serious, I never thought about what type of father he would be. Having kids wasn't important to me, I was indifferent about having them. I knew Mike was a good person and I loved being with him. That's what mattered to me at the time.

When I was pregnant with E, I had no doubt Mike would be a good father. But I didn't realize he'd be this good. He's real good at this parenting thing, probably better than me. Don't get me wrong, we both have our strengths when it comes to parenting. I provide the structure and discipline for the kids.  I'm also the social coordinator for the family, planning out our week's activities. But Mike is the rock, he provides stability and is more patient than I can ever imagine being. Mike can easily play in the sanbox for as long as E wants, I get bored and try to encourage a new activity. He isn't always trying to do multiple things at once, he is able to put complete focus on E or Cora.

When I ask Mike if he ever thought he'd be a stay at home dad, he says, "No." But seeing him with our kids makes me believe it was in God's plan all along. Mike is so good at seeing our children as individual people, not just as kids. He talks to E and asks him his thoughts, they have regular conversations. It's no wonder E says, "Daddy Evan best friends."

I love seeing Mike with Cora, he's completely at ease with her. He doesn't hesitate to change a diaper or feed her. He's the definition of a hands on dad.

At times I feel jealous at how much time Mike gets with the kids because he stays at home, especially with how close he is with E. But mostly I'm grateful for the special bond those two have. I realize that Mike and I will have different relationships with both our children. Each relationship being meaningful in its own way, not one better than the other. 

So on this day we celebrate fathers, I wish my husband the happiest Father's Day because he truly deserves to be celebrated. Happy Father's Day to my husband the father.

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