Friday, June 27, 2014

The Friday Five

Here's what I'm loving this week:

1. 10 Days in Iowa
Last Thursday, we packed up the car and kids and headed to Iowa for 10 days. We spent most of our time at my mom and dad's and will end the trip in Des Moines.

We've had a great time relaxing at the farm and spending time with family. We hit up the local pool and park and Mike talked me into Chuck E Cheese which I must admit, was pretty fun for E. I've also enjoyed eating at some of my favorite local restaurants; The OP, Sub City, and The Brown Bottle.
Our car packed up for the trip. 
Driving tractor.
Driving a bigger tractor.
Pool time.
Mornings on the porch. 
Beautiful sunset on the farm
Chuck E Cheese

2. A Wedding
My dear friend Kate got married this past Saturday.  She was a beautiful bride and the wedding was gorgeous.  I was so happy I could celebrate with her and see some of my favorite ladies. Congrats to Kate and her hubby Ryan!

The beautiful bride. 
The Simpson girls. They are all simply the best!
My handsome date.

3. Grandmas
I love seeing my mom with E and Cora. It's fun to see her in the Grandma role. Grandmas are so special and I'm fortunate my kids have two grandmas that love them so much just like I did growing up.

Unfortunately, my almost 97 year old grandma went in the hospital this week. Fortunately, I was in Iowa so I could spend time visiting her. I went almost everyday with my mom and Cora to see her. Mike and E came a few days too. At my grandma's age, the body just gets worn out but Grandma keeps bouncing back. She actually gets to go home today!

I'm glad I got to spend time this week visiting with her. I have so many fond memories from my childhood of Grandma. She was the one that let me play on my swing set instead of working in the garden.

I'm also happy she got to meet Cora and see more of E. Although E is only two, I hope he will have some memory of her because she is one special lady.

4. ReDuce Water Bottles
My mom got these reusable water bottles from Amazon and I just love them. I may have to steal one for the trip back to Minnesota. We'd fill them up each night and they'd be ready to grab as we headed out for the day. I usually have a Nalgene with me but it's so big.  These fit perfectly in the diaper bag and the car cup holders, plus they are super cute. I drink a lot of water so I do find myself refilling it quite frequently but I still find them very convenient.

5. "How to Win at Parenting"
I came across this blog post and it made me laugh because I totally get what the author is talking about. It's sad but true. I've mentally added up my parenting wins against my saintly husband and of course I think I win but in the big picture, I couldn't really win without Mike's help. We truly are a team when it comes to parenting. When I showed Mike this article, he just rolled his eyes. He's use to my little quirks.

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