Friday, June 6, 2014

The Friday Five

Here's what I'm loving this week;

1."I've Got Your Lifestyle Blog Right Here"
Such an honest and hilarious piece by Kristen Howerton who blogs at the very popular Rage Against the Minivan. She's keeping it real by showing the lifestyle she knows and it's similar to mine. Here's what my real lifestyle photos look like.

Clothes basket has been there for almost a week,
at least they're clean, lots of random stuff that gets
thrown in our room when we have people over,
and yes, that's my 2 year old in my bed because
he prefers it there.

My living room is a constant obstacle course of toys.
The picnic table was meant to be for outside use but somehow
became a permanent fixture. 

2. Eating Outside
There's something about eating outside that makes mealtime so much better. Whether it's picnic lunches, dinner on our patio or a restaurant patio; it's the season for eating outside.

Picnic at Lamplighter Pond.
Cora eats dinner in her car seat,
she loves that thing.
Dinner at Tin Fish on Lake Calhoun. 

3. Exploring Our City
We spend a lot of time at parks in the summer. E was getting a little bored with the ones in our neighborhood so we decided to branch out. We headed to Theo Wirth Park which is just outside of downtown Minneapolis. What I love about this park is that once you enter, it almost feels like you're in one of Minnesota's state parks without leaving the city. I had been to Theo Wirth before to walk on the trails but never paid attention to the playground. There's a fantastic playground and beach area at the park. E loved it and wasn't the slightest bit bored.

After the park, Mike and I needed a coffee fix and instead of our standard Caribou, decided to continue our adventure and hit up a local place near by. We ended up in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood at Cuppa Java which was delightful.

We found this on our walk.
Mike and I both agreed we need to branch out more and take advantage of all our city has to offer.

4. Morning Coffee and Sandbox

Great way to start the day.

5. More Sibling Love
E is such a good big brother and my heart just bursts when I see him interact with Cora.

E helping put Cora's play mat together.

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