Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Friday Five (On Saturday)

With all the festivities during the 4th, my Friday Five is a day late. Here's what I'm loving this week;

1. My Birthday
My birthday was June 30th and I turned 33. I celebrated by doing a little shopping by myself, which is always a treat, and getting a pedicure. Mike and I went to the Twins game that night with our friend O'Malley and his girlfriend. They had tickets to the Legends Club which is an exclusive area in the stadium, basically a restaurant overlooking the stadium. I wish I had taken some pictures in there but I was to enamored with all the food and drink options. There was your standard ballpark fare but also a selection of fancier food served cafeteria style. It was a really fun expetience. Too bad the Twins couldn't pull off a win

2. Baby Showers
This past weekend,  I got to help two very dear friends celebrate the upcoming arrival of their babies. They are both due in August and I couldn't be happier for them.

We did a couples shower BBQ, or BaByQ, for Carrie to celebrate Baby Boy D-L. Despite the heat and humidity, it was fun seeing not only my bestest of friends, but the families we now have. It's great that we all like each other's spouses and get along as one big group. Throw the kids in there and we have ourselves a party!

The next day, just us girls got together at Django for brunch and celebrated Heather and Baby Girl Watson. We had a private room and the group was intimate. It was so relaxing sipping on mimosas and having lots of girl talk.

I hope both my friends enjoyed their showers and I'm so excited for them to become Mommas!

3. "Need the Boppy."
The picture does not do this situation justice, but this moment was probably one of the cutest ever.  E often wants a to feed his doll a bottle, so that was no big deal. But the cute part was, E came into the  kitchen, pulled on my shirt and said, "Evan need the boppy." We found the boppy and he got himself situated and continued feeding his doll. Then he said he needed some coffee. So I gave him a coffee cup.  Now I wonder where he saw this scenario before??? Seriously, my heart was melting at the cuteness.  Ok, enough Mommy gushing.

4. Honey and Rye
Being the coffee lover that I am, I'm always looking for a good coffee shop.  I've been wanting to try Honey and Rye for a while now after I saw it featured on the local news and I must have driven past it 100 times. I finally made it there this week. It was one of those mornings where a certain two year old woke up on the wrong side of the bed and we needed to get out of the house.

I fell in love with this place when I walked in. It's adorable! The food and coffee were good too. It's just a few blocks from one of our favorite parks so I can't wait to stop in again.

E's oatmeal raisin cookie and my spinach and feta scone.

5. The 4th of July
We always spend the 4th out at Mike's mom and dad's  The neighboring town has a big celebration. We enjoy going to the parade and watching fireworks over the lake. This was E's first year seeing fireworks and he liked them. Every time he'd see one he'd say, "There's a firework." Cora stayed with G&G, maybe next year. Hope you all had a fun and happy 4th of July!

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