Friday, July 25, 2014

The Friday Five

Here's what I'm loving this week:

1. Sleep
Mike took the kids to his mom and dad's house this past weekend while I worked. As much as I love my kids and husband, it was nice to get some sleep during my work week. I usually try to get up at a decent time in the afternoon on Sundays and Mondays so I can see my kids before work. If I sleep all day, I feel guilty because I'm missing out on spending time with them. It was nice to sleep guilt free and the house was so quiet. By Monday afternoon though I was ready to see my family.

2. "My Entire Life is a Lie"
This article has been floating around social media sites this week. A woman tells the story behind her Instagramm pictures and how social media doesn't necessarily present one's true self. Social media allows us to present the best part of ourselves, the "highlight reel" if you will. Our photos, tweets, and statuses present the facade that we have it all together and life is just peachy. I admit it, I'm just as guilty of only showing the best parts of my life on social media. But who wants their news feed filled up with complaints and negativity? Not me. So I guess I'd much rather see the "highlight reel" but this article was a good reminder that as great as life is, well, we've all got something and social media doesn't always show that side.

3. Farming
The kids and I went to Iowa this week and E did some farming. He loved spending time with Grandpa in the garden picking vegetables and loading them in his trailer.

4. Grandma Celebrates 97 
My Grandma celebrated her 97th birthday on Thursday. That's the main reason we went to Iowa. My Aunt Marj came to town as well and we celebrated at Grandma's nursing home with cake and ice cream. Of course I didn't get any pictures with Grandma and her great-grandchildren. It was a nice afternoon celebrating 97 years of Grandma!

5. Road Trip with Mom
My Mom came back to Minnesota with us and is going to spend a week at our house. It made the drive so much more fun and she drove the entire way. Thanks Mom!

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